1. Terms and conditions of use of this Website
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before starting to use this website. It applies to the website www.espiritunature.com and www.espiritunature.es, reservations, payments and annulation policies of EspírituNATURE.

2. About us
The website www.espiritunature.com is managed by EcoBram. We are a team of autonomous employees working hard in order to give the best service we can to our customers. For our holiday packages we collaborate with X-plore Expeditions, expedition services S.L. registered in Spain tomo 37864, Folio 153 Hoja B 315931, Chamber of Commerce Barcelona, VAT ESB63934277.

3. Legal framework
Both EspírituNATURE and our clients accept that the following laws (and no others) apply to the service contracts, reservations and payments: Law 21/1.995, July 6, Travel packages (BOE 7-7-1.995), Ley 7/1.998, April 13, General Contract Conditions (14-4-98), LOPD (Organic Law 15/1999 December 13 Protection of Personal Data) and Law 26/1.984, July 19, General Law for Defence of Consumers and Users (BOE 24-7-84) and actualizations as Royal Legislative Decree 1 / 2007, November 16 (BOE n º. 287 de 30 November 2007).

4. Responsibility, guarantees and insurance
EspírituNATURE possess a valid client insurance for accidents specific for the type of activities offered during the days of service as defined in de clients’ contract, polis CLWACC-TAI-00007, please see link for more details. As well as a liability insurance polis CLWRC-TAI-00062, please see link for more details.

The possible responsibility of EspírituNATURE regarding both quality of delivered services and in case of any type of harm or injuries the legal framework as explained previously is applied. This responsibility can not be superior to those established in national and international legal framework. EspírituNATURE can not be held responsible for harm caused by unauthorized or irresponsible activities of the clients to third parties, natural hazards (including bad weather that could put guide and clients) and other circumstances from which EspírituNATURE would not have any influence in (including strikes, etc.).

EspírituNATURE can only be held responsible within it competences as established in the legal framework. Careful preparations of delivered services, correct product descriptions, supervision in execution process and deliverance of the contracted services. EspírituNATURE cannot be held responsible for failing services of subcontractors although it will do everything within its power to avoid that this will occur.

5. Reservations and contracted services

The product descriptions on the website or in the PDF archived is a detailed description of the product or service that we offer to our clients in the context of a activity or course. This includes a description of physical and technical level that is required for the clients in order to fulfill the activity safely. For questions or doubt we kindly but firmly and the clients to contact the EspírituNATURE team to clarify these issues. By confirming reservation the client confirms that he/she has carefully read and understood the activity description and is aware of the fact that if he/she does not meet these physical and technical requirements, it could result in dangerous situations for the client, other clients and the guide, which could even cause accidents for which EspírituNATURE cannot be held responsible.

Reservation and payment
After having received a reservation request, we will verify availability and current prices of the selected service or product. Within a timeframe of 5 days the client will receive a definitive offer with actualized prices that may differ from the original. In case the client wishes to contract our services he/she must fill out the provided form correctly and completely and send it to info@espiritunature.com within the established timeframe together with the payment confirmation:

• 1-day courses, weekend courses require a registration fee of 50 € (do be discounted from the total amount afterwards)
• 1-day activities require full payments 5 days before date of activity
• Travels, educational programs or >2 day courses require a registration fee equal to 25 % of the total amount to be paid minimum 15 days ahead of the beginning date.

Payment methods
The payments can only take place by means of a bank transfer or in cash.

6. Annulations
Annulation by client for activities or courses of 1 or 2 days of duration:
• 15 – 18 days prior to beginning date: 25 % of the total amount
• 7 – 4 days prior to beginning date: 50 % of the total amount
• < 3 days prior to beginning date: 100 % of the total amount

Annulation by client for activities or courses > 2 days of duration:
• > 15 days prior to beginning date: 25 % of the total amount
15 –8 days prior to beginning date: 50 % of the total amount
• 7 – 5 days prior to beginning date: 75 % of the total amount
• < 4 days prior to beginning date: 100 % of the total amount

Client may cancel its contract without any costs if:
• The total amount of the invoice difference > 10 % of the initial offer
• Date of departure differs > 2 days then the initial offer

A no show at the established hour of the beginning of the activity results in a 100 % payment of the total amount unless a mutual agreement between the 2 parties is established.

7. Changes in reservation or activity program by the client
In order to modify significantly the reservation the client must indicate this a minimum of 45 days prior to the beginning date of the activity and 40 € of administration costs will be applied. For modifications indicated < 45 days prior to the beginning date of the activity the same administration fee will be applied but changes can not be guaranteed although EspírituNATURE will try everything in order to establish them conform the wishes of the client.

Modifications or annulations by the clients must be communicated by email to info@espiritunature.com

EspírituNATURE has the right to cancel or modify the activity prior or during its enrolment due to bad weather or other causes of force majeure, always under professional judgment of the responsible of the activity. Notification of these alterations of the program will take place as fast as the local circumstances will allow.

8. Protection of personal data
The protection of your personal data is very important to us. When making a reservation, signing up for our newsletter or using the contact form on the website, we may ask you for personal data such as your email address. According to the provisions in the Data Protection Act (Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data), data users will guard according to the law in a specific file by EspírituNATURE that will only be used to establish and maintain the relationship with the customer. This information will only be used for the purpose for which it was granted and shall only be used to service providers such as hotels and transport companies to make the necessary reservations.

For any questions you may have do not hesitate to contact us at info@espiritunature.com